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    I am sending an email from an asp using the CDONTS component running on a Win2k webserver(IIS 5.0).<BR>The first time it is run it works fine. If it is run directly afterward the, mail goes to the "Badmail" folder under the "Mailroot" folder and I get an "Internal Server error" when the asp should have loaded again.<BR>If I try about 10 minutes later it again works, but only the first time.Second time it fails again. What am I missing?

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    1. Make sure you set the mail object to "Nothing" after use. The "10 minutes later" seems to indicate that the server is waiting for a time-out to occur before the mail can go out again. Normally you can send multiple emails out without closing the object- but something here is getting tied up doing something for 10 mins.<BR><BR>2. Check your SMTP settings. There are numerous settings in IIS 5.0 SMTP that can be misconfigured and cause mail to get routed to the bad mail folder. Limiting the number of messages per connection is a big one along with the "Maximum hop" setting (delivery tab/advanced). Crank up the Maximum hop setting and see if the mail goes.

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