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    Default IIS and Code Red patch

    I have patch the server. Now the idq.dll has been effected by the patch I can nolonger execute my search over the surver using the .idq file and ASP script.<BR><BR>I thought it might be my script but now the example you get by default on IIS samples no longer works as well.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR><BR><BR>Gary

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    Default Check your logfiles, recreate your catalogs

    I patched numerous servers running index server without a glitch, but index server catalogs seem get corrupted fairly easily so I&#039;m guessing yours did somewhere in the process.<BR><BR>Try "bringing it back to life" by merging the catalog through Index Server Manager and if that don&#039;t work, delete and create a new catalog. Make sure to use the same catalog location and name or you&#039;ll have to change it&#039;s location is your search pages.<BR><BR>

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