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    I have built a DLL file that create a graph picture.<BR><BR>I have copied this DLL to the IIS4 server.<BR>Used regsvr32 to register it.<BR><BR>AND ...<BR><BR>It doesn&#039;t work on the web server, however it works on my computer when I pull the data from the server.<BR><BR>I generate the picture using:<BR>server.createobject("xxx.xxx")<BR><BR>Wh y why why why?<BR><BR>The server should not use dll&#039;s on my puter should it?

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    Give me the full code you&#039;re using - and the error code/description.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t need all of the stuff, but just how you are initialising the object basically.<BR><BR>If you do it in the next few minutes, I&#039;ll be around to answer personally.<BR><BR>Craig.

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