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    I have 2 tables in my database. I am using SQL 7.0<BR>I am using 1 column in table1 as primary key & the same column<BR>in table2 becomes a foreign key.<BR>Now in the table2 I have a column &#039;Category&#039; which flags each record and I want to add this column in table1 which at the present is not in table1.It would be no problem if I had a few<BR>records in my tables but I am having around 5000 records in both<BR>tables so I want to avoid filling in the extra column 5000 times.<BR>Is there a way I could just import/copy a column on to another table.Please help if u can or some related sites.Thanks

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    use DTS via a JOINED query (select &#039;specify a query with which to transfer data&#039;) to create a new table with the right columns and data, then drop the old one.<BR><BR>j

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    Thanks Atrax for replying.<BR>But since I am not too much familiar with SQL,what is a DTS<BR>you are talking about and how would I write a transfer query for that as you mentioned.Thanks again.

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