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    I have a SQL statement which i would like to be able to run a function from<BR>eg:<BR>SELECT field1,field2, MYFUNCTION(field2) AS AliasField<BR>FROM tablename<BR><BR>I have loaded the function using<BR>&#060;!--#include file="DOFUNCTION.TXT" --&#062;<BR>the function loads & works fine.<BR>but I can&#039;t get it to work in the SQL statement<BR>myfunction works out a new value in relation to the value of field2<BR><BR>I get the message<BR>Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Undefined function &#039;MyFunction&#039; in expression.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me with a solution<BR>thanks heaps

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    "SELECT field1,field2, " & MYFUNCTION(field2) & " AS AliasField FROM tablename"<BR><BR>that&#039;s the best you&#039;ll get. it&#039;d help if we knew what the function did, and what language it&#039;s written in.

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