Most of the time my website runs smoothly as I make slight modifications to Internet Services Manager for example to add another domain, but now, out of the blue, Sessions and Cookies dont work. If you need an example of it, go to and type "test" for the username and "test" for the password. After it verifies successfully, it redirects the user to /cbdcNET/startpage.asp?u=test and when it hits the code: If Session("user") = "" Then<BR>Response.Redirect("notlogin.asp")<BR>End If<BR>etc.<BR>I am 98% sure this has something to do with a setting in Internet Service Mananger. I have already checked the box labeled "Enable Session state". Sorry this isn&#039;t an ASP-ASP related question but this is the closest place I know to get the answer. Cheers, <BR><BR>Christian