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    Anyone know how to create an ADODB connection to a C64 tape drive?<BR>

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    Default Oh, come on...give a TOUGH one!

    That&#039;s almost trivial!<BR><BR>Of course, it would mean using a C64 as a tape controller, but compared to the "brains" that are in modern tape and disk controllers, the C64 is, if anything, underpowered.<BR><BR>(Actually, it would be easier to create a custom component than hook up the C64 and drive as an ODBC data source...writing ODBC drivers is a pain in the neck. Hmmm...though with a tape drive, we *could* simply return NOT IMPLEMENTED for the bulk of the ODBC-level calls.)<BR><BR>What the much are you paying me? I&#039;d tackle it for the right money. Even have a C64 to use. (Though no tape have to supply that.)<BR><BR>

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