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    Mark Guest

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    I have Windows 2000 professional and I&#039;m just working on my pc. The ASP code I&#039;m working on now includes the code:<BR><BR>Set ObjStm = xfso.OpenTextFile(strSitePath, ForReading)<BR><BR>This seems to be the point where my computer is bogging down and won&#039;t open the next ASP page. I have declared all variables, set const for ForReading, and set xfso properly. The strSitePath seems to be correct because I&#039;ve printed it out. The path is to a very small text file. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Ry-Dawg Guest

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    I&#039;m having the same problem.... it says its working but nothing ever comes up. i&#039;m running IIS on windows 2000 professional as well. If you hear anything back let me know at Thanks

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    Ry-Dawg Guest

    Default RE: I figured it out - i think

    i was using Internet Explorer 5.5 sp2, but i went to the microsoft website and downloaded IE 6 Public Release (or something), installed it & restarted, and now everything is fine. It wouldn&#039;t let me create files before, but now it does. I don&#039;t know why it was messed up before, but it works now so yeah hope it works for you.

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    Ry-Dawg Guest

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    looks like i haven&#039;t found the problem. i restarted the computer and now it doesn&#039;t work again. i don&#039;t knwo whats wrong with it.

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