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    ok So i finished coding this huge @$$ page now. I go to test it out knowing for sure there was going to be errors but I got the weirdest error. Any one know what this means?<BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A0414)<BR>Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub<BR>/Match/Registration/regprocess.asp, line 287, column 30<BR>PrintError(ErrorMsg1, myerror)<BR>-----------------------------^<BR><BR>in this statement I am calling a function called PrintError and I am passing these variables. For some reason it doesn;t let me.<BR><BR>Please help<BR>Mike M

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    just you dont seem to WANT TO understand it<BR><BR>do what it tells you to do<BR><BR>PrintError ErrorMsg1, myerror<BR>

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