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    I have a function that reads a text file using the filesystem object. The function works fine; it reads the text file contents, but it doesn&#039;t display it properly on the browser. For example, the text file is written like this:<BR><BR>All users:<BR>The site will be down tomorrow.<BR>Will be up again on Monday.<BR><BR>My function using textstream.readline reads each line then appending a vbCrLf in a loop . In the browser I get this displayed:<BR><BR>All users: The site will be down tomorrow. Will be up again on Monday.<BR><BR>I want the browser to display the text as it is written on the browser.<BR><BR>

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    Default Append a
    not vbcrlf

    eg<BR>mystr = mystr & "<BR>"

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    Default Arggh hate that

    do this instead<BR><BR>myStr = objStream.readAll<BR><BR>myStr = replace(mystr,vbcrlf,"&lt;br&gt;")

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