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    Kams Guest

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    what is the equivalent function of format()-VB in VBscript?<BR>I want to format the dates retrieved from the database to show 4 digits for the year part, in the ASP page.

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    Kevin Guest

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    There are a few changes to the format command in VBScript. Here are all of the format commands. Also, I don&#039t know about ASP&#039s but VB uses the date format that is set in Control Panel - Regional Settings. Mine is set to: M/d/yyyy Most people are set to M/d/yy It would be worth looking into. <BR><BR><BR>FormatNumber<BR>FormatCurrency Function<BR>FormatDateTime Function<BR>FormatPercent Function

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    Kevin Guest

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    Here&#039s one I used.<BR><BR>formatdatetime(now(), vbShortDate)

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    Mark Guest

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    Does anyone know where i get get a free asp component which can retrieve nt user information from ADSI.

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