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    I&#039;m an ASP developer trying to learn to use Flash and other web design stuffs. The problem is every time I read some Flash tutorials on the web, my mind just gets blocked. It refuses to digest whatever I&#039;m reading. I&#039;m not artistic, so I guess that&#039;s why my brain just shuts up. Is there a place for me out there if I just stick to asp development?<BR><BR>

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    Definately, what good is something that looks pretty if there is no functionality!<BR>besides, Flash is slow!<BR>

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    It does help to a an "eye" for design and layout principles, but in my work, I find that the companies that hire me have pretty tightly defined templates that must be adhered to.<BR><BR>If graphics is not your thing, concentrate on the database/coding side of development and you&#039;ll do fine.

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