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    I am wondering how to put a &#060;CR&#062; in CDONTS. Let me explain...<BR>I am sending a e-mail to someone if changes have been made to the input on a form. I want my e-mail to list all sections of the form on a different line, preferably like this:<BR><BR>Your Request has been edited.<BR>Month: March<BR>Item Title: How to program ASP<BR>...<BR><BR>Here is my code so far:<BR>Set MyCDONTSMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR> MyCDONTSMail.From=""<BR> MyCDONTSMail.To=objrs("email")<BR> MyCDONTSMail.Subject="Board Action Item"<BR> dim body2 <BR> body2 = "Your Request has been edited."<BR> body2 = body2 & "Month " & objrs2("Month")& "Item title" & objrs2("ItemTitle")<BR> MyBody = body2<BR> MYCDONTSMail.Body=MyBody<BR> MyCDONTSMail.Send<BR>set MyCDONTSMail = nothing<BR><BR>Like I said I would like a carrage return after each line entered. Any assistance?

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    body2 = "Your Request has been edited." & vbcrlf<BR>body2 = body2 & "next line." & vbcrlf<BR>

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