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    Adopting the practice of using the date format dd/mm/yyyy I have encountered the following problem with the ordering of the dd and mm fields:<BR><BR>My ASP/ADO pages construct the following SQL and execute it against the MS SQL 6.5 DB (latest SP applied) :<BR><BR>INSERT date INTO contract<BR>VALUES (&#039 15/06/2000&#039)<BR><BR>However, I receive &#039out of range&#039 error due to ADO being insistent on using mm/dd/yyyy ; even though I&#039ve made the following settings:<BR><BR>In ASP - Session.LCID = 2057(UK dd/mm/yy) Test- Now()date displays OK.<BR>In SQL DB - set dateformat dmy. Test- Dates store as dd/mm/yy OK.<BR>In NT - Regional Settings dd/mm/yy<BR><BR>Copying the SQL from ASP and pasting into iSQL produces the required result when executed, so what am I missing ?<BR>Or does date specific SQL executed from ASP/ADO *HAVE* to be in mm/dd/yy format ?<BR><BR>Any advice / guidance would be appreciated either in Reply or Email to -<BR>Thanks for preventing me going crazy.

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    If you want a string pre-interpreted as a date (as opposed to leaving VB to guess), delimit it with #s, not &#039s.

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