I want to add these variables into a table, the problem is that it&#039;s not keeping the strPName when the database is done with the order. So it returns for example 5,6, ,. Space indicates that the field in the database is empty. I have the array set up with the split and all that good stuff.. it&#039;s just when you open up the table the field PName--&#062;strPName is empty. Any suggestion?<BR><BR>Sub AddToOrder(nOrderID, nProductID, nQuant, strPName)<BR> sqlText = "INSERT INTO itemsOrdered " _<BR> & " (orderID, productID, quantity, pName) values " _ <BR> & " ("&nOrderID&", "&nProductID&", "&nQuant&", &#039;"&strPName&"&#039;)" <BR> Conn.Execute(sqlText)