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    I have a buy and sell facility in the site I am building for my college intranet. In the sell part have a problem which is very strange. I had two users say "user1" and "user2" and user1 logged in first and user2 logged in second........ now all the sell options of user1 and user2 went into the database with userid of user2........ ( I am using ADO with ASP and sql server 2000). if user1 logged in second then all the sell options created by all users online then is stored in the database with userid as user1.......... I believe there is some problem with locking the session or the database etc....... ( i am using a session ( "username") for each user and the database isert statement uses session("username") to insert the userid for the corresponding userid........)<BR><BR>can u help me sort te prob?<BR><BR>mail me at<BR><BR>gul.

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