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    luco Guest

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    I would know how to get a static web site with a dynamic one.<BR>With my asp pages, I want to have html pages.<BR>In fact i want to have my dynamic web site on a CD. It would readable only on it.<BR>Is there a little application which can do that ?

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    Default potd !!


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    Wasabi Guest

    Default i know of one...

    It&#039;s called pdpoafth.exe...<BR><BR>Persistance, Dedication And Patience...... OH and a lot of ****ing time.. hehehe<BR><BR>Wasabi

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    No, you need to run ASP throiugh a web server!<BR><BR>Look into flash!<BR>

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    Hiram Guest

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    Are you wanting to make like a demo of your site onto a CD for allowing someone to see your site without going to the internet??<BR><BR>Is this what you want or ??????

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    * Guest

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    Could you use more ????????????????????

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