Hi guys,<BR><BR>I didn&#039;t know that a form would have a maximum number of control?<BR>What&#039;s the number exactly?<BR><BR>I need to generate an html form which is containing a lot of control ( hidden, and some other common control ). If my html form is build to 80% the submit button is working, but if I don&#039;t stop the loop and the html form is create to 100% there is too much control and the submit button don&#039;t do anything.<BR><BR>??? So is there is any person who got this kind of problem before? or know what&#039;s the maximum number of input in a form??<BR><BR>( NOTE : I got like : 300 + control in my form ( but are only 30 show and 270+ hidden )<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>