Hi<BR><BR>I am investigating a method to allow users to register on a site and specify the type(s) of information they wish to be mailed. As new items are posted the user is notified that something has been added to the website matching there needs.<BR><BR>I guess its like a mailing list but more targeted. I&#039;ve seen examples on recruitment websites where job seekers receive notification when a new vacancy is posted matching their search criteria.<BR><BR>I was wondering if it could be executed using VB, ASP, and MS Access.<BR><BR>I know its something of a general question but I have been unable to find an article regarding the matter. I&#039;ve used the mailing list sample but am a little lost with regards to the above.<BR><BR>I&#039;d appreciate any advise/tutorials etc to get the ball rolling.<BR><BR>Warm regards<BR>Tomo<BR>