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    Can I use ASP and ADO to access an OLAP Database? The one I am working with is Hyperion Essbase. All of the examples I find relate to SQL Server and Access.

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    Do you cook with gas or electric?

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    Default So long as you have an ODBC driver...

    ...you can use most any database with ADO.<BR><BR>But I have no idea if that DB does have an ODBC driver.<BR><BR>(Or OLE DB driver, but I deem that much less likely.)<BR><BR>

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    From the Hyperion site:<BR><BR>"ODBC drivers can be used to connect to additional PC and relational data sources."<BR><BR>You should ask the Hyperion Support people for an ODBC driver. Once you have this, you can use the examples, you only have to adjust your connectionstring.

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