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    I have a column in SQL called simply "date" and it has the default value of "getdate()". Now that I have the date stored I would like to break it apart and view by the month and year of this column date....<BR><BR>I have NO clue how to do so... This is the SQL string I have thus far...<BR><BR>************************************ ***************<BR>strSql = "SELECT * FROM bookinginfo WHERE date= " & month & " date = " & year & " order by dte"<BR>****************************************** *********<BR><BR>Thanx in advance,<BR><BR>Keith

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    ?<BR><BR>umm, first, i wouldn&#039;t use date as a column name (issues with it being a reserved word)<BR><BR>do you mean this?<BR><BR>strSql = "SELECT * FROM bookinginfo WHERE <BR> Month(date)="& month &" <BR> AND Year(date) = "& year&" order by date"<BR><BR>

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