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    I create a dynamic form the names of the text boxes get created<BR>on the fly depending on user input there could be up to 30.<BR><BR>One of the text boxes is for email addresses and all of the names<BR>are like email1, email2....email30.<BR><BR>The .asp for writing this data to the data base is in a loop, well here is the code. No email addresses are being written because I don&#039;t no how to code the Request.Form(withavariablename)<BR><BR>For i = 1 To Session("numEmails")<BR> myRS.AddNew //Is there another way<BR> //to create string below<BR> myRS("Rator_email") = Request.Form("&#039;Email&#039;" & i)<BR> myRS("Rator_submit") = "N"<BR> myRS.Update<BR>Next<BR>

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    Default take out the '

    use<BR>Request.Form("Email" & i)<BR><BR>

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