Hi,<BR> I want to get all the files under a folder. The code below works fine when I have the folder on the webserver itself. But I want to get the folder info from a different server.<BR>So I changed line 2 (see below) to <BR> folder_name = "\servernameNameName1" <BR><BR>I get an error "Unknown Path". Is it possible to do a <BR>GetFolder on a different Server. Any suggestions!!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Jaggi<BR> <BR>CODE<BR>-----<BR><BR>1. set MyFileObject =Server.CreateObject ( "Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR><BR>2.folder_ name = "c:NameName1" <BR><BR>3.set MyFolder =MyFileObject.GetFolder(folder_name)<BR><BR>4. FOR EACH thing in MyFolder.Files<BR><BR>5. response.write(thing)<BR><BR>6. NEXT