Some of us just have the bad habit CRITICISM

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Thread: Some of us just have the bad habit CRITICISM

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    Cathy Chan Guest

    Default Some of us just have the bad habit CRITICISM

    I have read many postings, can you please control rudeness. That will make the world much brighter!

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    Bad Habit CRITICISM Guest

    Default Shut up Cathy Chan

    blow that sunshine up your ***.

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    Los Angeles, CA

    Default Please post rubbish like this in the Q&A forum

    And NOT here. This is the ADVANCED forum....You do not post an advanced questions you deserve more than just rudeness.<BR><BR>

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    Cathy Chan Guest

    Default Like I said...

    Your guys are bunch of rude people, miss too much facts of life...go out there, have a few drinks. Again, this is just a test of rudeness! :-)

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default RE: Like I said...

    &#062; have a few drinks<BR>Don&#039;t worry, I don&#039;t need permission from outsider to have cocktail. (nor does Akhilesh I am sure)<BR><BR><BR>Advanced Forum automatically allows for rudeness when simple questions are asked. <BR><BR>It really isn&#039;t rudeness by the reply poster, its rudeness by the original poster, such that you are the rude one, in this case. <BR><BR>Try Yahoo chat in the 60&#039;s rooms, thats where peace and love actually may be cared about. <BR><BR>*****************<BR>The man who gets out often, and often suffer the next day for it.

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    Default RE: Like I said...

    So trolling isn&#039;t rude then?

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    The Yellow Monkey Guest

    Default RE: Like I said...

    My moms a troll. she can use all the attention she can get.

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