This might not be the best forum to ask, but since it&#039;s database driven, I might get lucky.<BR>Suppose I want to start a subscription based newsletter. I collect information such as name, and email address from the subscribers, and they&#039;ll only be added to a database upon payment of their fee. Now I want everything else to be automatic from here on. Every month (or two months, depending on frequency of the newsletter) the newsletter will be sent out to everyone in the database (as a pdf attachment to an email). One month before a subscription ends, an automatic reminder should be sent out to the appropriate people. Upon payment of a renewal fee, their subscription date will be changed to the renewal date. If they don&#039;t pay, their name should automatically be removed from the database.<BR>Is there any kind of app/software out there that does this? If not, how would I go about coding this? I&#039;d have to use Cdonts or a 3rd party app to deal with the email part of it, how about the maintenance part? Would it be easier to create a fee-based website that has the newsletter? I&#039;d still have to deal with expiring subscriptions and renewal reminders...<BR>Any feedback would be most welcome.