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    I am running a script that could see multiple users try to update the same table in my database at the same time. Every time this occurs it gives the user an error telling them that another user has that table in use and it cannot be updated. My database is an ACCESS database.<BR><BR>Is there a setting or parameter that I can set which will allow the tables to be updated any time? Or this not possible?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help

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    Without looking it up I can remember that I have seen something along the lines of "application.lock" and "application.unlock" or something like that in the global.asa file. The idea is to lock the table at the very last second before performing the update, then performing the update, then unlocking the table as soon as the update completes. I may have the name/method mixed up or not exactly right but it&#039;s out there somewhere.<BR><BR>dave

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