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    hi,<BR><BR>I don&#039;t understand what&#039;s happens : I use getRows to display the result of a request and for few requests,I have this result : the first line of my records is "full of empty or 0". However,I have the good number of records. If somebody knows this problem...thanks you

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    getrows returns a 2-D array. You need to specify tow indices to access any element<BR><BR>myarray = rs.getrows<BR><BR>total_rows = ubound(myarray,2) + 1<BR>total_cols = ubound(myarray,1) + 1<BR><BR>col1_row1 = myarray(0,0)<BR>col1_row2 = myarray(0,1)<BR>

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    yann Guest

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    Yes I know that. Look at my example on next message, it&#039;s strange!

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