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    Default Codekit: Open Source Portal is a community site for developers. Currently it allows members to exchange information about the following technologies, ASP, XML, Javascript, DHMTL, WAP, Delphi, Visual Basic and Java, Project management, Web Design sources and much more. Types of information that can be viewed and exchanged are, articles (from other sites and also self-written), source code, components, web site links. <BR><BR>Codekit is a Open Source Portal of ideas and resources. Many various contributors have graciously allowed their source codes, documents, wisdom and experience to be put up at Codekit. <BR><BR>

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    Default Cool project management templates

    great site!!!

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    Default RE: Codekit: Open Source Portal (Thief)

    THIEVERY! Once again, the Dreamweaver and UltraDev communities are confronted by theft of copyrighted material. Ahmet Asar, the owner of has stolen a number of extensions, graphics, and articles from Dreamweaver developers and is offering them as his own. <BR><BR>Please do not patronize this site, give permission to post your material, or in any way support this person or his web site. Please remove any links you may have to this URL. Thank you! <BR>

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