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    the other steve Guest

    Default date from serial number

    I have a column of numbers (eg 37456) that were once dates but got converted to the serial value when we switched from filemakerpro to access.<BR><BR>Anyone know how to convert them back to dates? (the field is a number type right now). I&#039;m experimenting by converting it to text then date and/or copy to an excel spreadsheet then back, etc.<BR><BR>

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    Kank Guest

    Default just conver to date/time


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    the other steve Guest

    Default thanks and solved

    for some reason it deleted my values when I change the field type. I think the data was screwy from the conversion from filemakerpro. F&^! Apple F*(! microsoft for not making their datbases compatible. Stupid arrogant blah blah blah<BR><BR>And then when I tried an update query with cdate, it gave me type mismatch.<BR><BR>However, I solved it by copying the data to excel and converting it then importing it back to the db. Bassackwards, but it worked.<BR><BR>thanks for the help.

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