Hi, i have a problem with the following code in that i get the error : Object Required <BR>at the following line of code <BR>**for each xmlPNode in xmlRoot.childNodes** <BR><BR>why is this ...as i have declared all varibales... it is as if it does not know the xmlDom stuff <BR>here is the code <BR>&#060;% <BR>dim i <BR>dim myArray(13) <BR>dim xmldoc <BR>dim xmlRoot <BR>&#060;script language="vbscript"&#062; <BR>dim i <BR>dim myArray(13) <BR>dim xmldoc <BR>dim xmlRoot <BR>dim xmlNode <BR>dim xmlPNode <BR><BR>set xmlDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM") <BR>xmldoc.async = false <BR>xmldoc.load("hh.xml") <BR>set xmlRoot = xmlDoc.documentElement <BR><BR>for each xmlPNode in xmlRoot.childNodes <BR>i = 0 <BR>for each xmlNode in xmlPNode.ChildNodes <BR>myArray(i) = xmlNode.text <BR>response.write(myArray(i) & " <BR>") <BR><BR>i = i + 1 <BR>next <BR><BR><BR><BR>next <BR>%&#062;