Hi,<BR><BR>When I call a method of a com object like this:<BR><BR>myObj.MyMethod myArray(i,0), myArray(i,1)<BR><BR>The object responds with a Type Mismatch error. The element myArray(i,0) is a string and the MyMethod do expect a string. When I put parantheses around the arguments like this<BR><BR>myObj.MyMethod (myArray(i,0)), (myArray(i,1))<BR><BR>the error disappears.<BR><BR>My theory is that in the first case the whole array is sent as an argument instead of the array element. The expression is interpreted as<BR><BR>((myObj.MyMethod myArray)(i,0), myArray)(i,0)<BR><BR>Can someone explain to me how the VBScript interpreter works in this case? Why do I have to put parantheses around the arguments?<BR><BR>/Peter<BR>