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    I am using &#060;%=Now()%&#062; to get the server time. I will like to get the server time as real time with out having to refresh the page. Is there a way to loop the above code on the page so it display as a real time clock? <BR><BR>Thank you..

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    Use javascript there dude.<BR><BR>You absolutely do not want to make round trips.<BR><BR>the javascript clock runs in the browser and works fine i am sure.<BR><BR>www.irt.org<BR>javascript.internet.co m (tons of clocks i am sure)

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    Not really a way that works across all browsers and with no plugins...<BR><BR>With IE 5.0+ you could use an XML data island whose source is an ASP page that generates a simple XML document with only the current time. Using client side script, you could refresh this source at every second (or minute, whatever).<BR><BR>Here&#039;s how I have done something similar that works across browsers:<BR><BR>Put the server time into a JavaScript variable (using Now()); and then use that time in a client-side clock. Depending on how long it takes for your page to load, the time value will be a little off.

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