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    I&#039ve set up a form to send an email with CDO, as I read in an article. But something&#039s going wrong. <BR>My emails won&#039t be received by anyone, &#039cause they&#039re "sitting" in a directory named "pickup".<BR>What can I do? Anyone know what&#039s wrong?<BR>What&#039s "pickup" directory ???<BR>Thanks,<BR>Simon

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    Messages are placed in the IIS pickup directory waiting to be delivered. It&#039s kind of like a holding que for outgoing messages. If they are just sitting there without being delivered, then your SMTP service is probably configured incorrectly.

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    I had some major problems with SMTP. Open the files in the "pickup" directory (not the message but the other one) and view the error message. This may help to solve what the problem is.

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