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    Hi All,<BR>I am working on a project right that require me to transform all the paper work forms into web forms. The problem I have now is that all the forms are very inconsistent it&#039;s so hard to me to create a relational database back end for this project. If I have to create the DB it individual form would have it own table, and it would have up to 50 columns in each table. Is there a better appoarch for this kind of problem???<BR><BR>Any Advice would be appriciated<BR>Thanks,<BR>Duc

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    If the data on the forms is inconsistent, there&#039;s really not a lot that can be done to make them consistent if the users want the forms to be the same. One solution, though, would be to find fields that are consistent among a number of forms (user info, etc) and put those into a table and then the inconsistent fields on each form into other tables and then have the forms pull data from a View that combines the two.

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    Create a form identity table<BR>FormID FormName FormDesc<BR><BR>Create a field description table<BR>FieldID FormID FieldDesc DataType<BR><BR>May ned another table for dropdowns and option check boxes detailing the choices use fieldid to match up eg<BR>OptionID FieldID Choice<BR><BR>Now have a results table<BR>ID UserID FormID FieldID Txtresult Numericresult<BR><BR>probably need both text and numeric to be able to join numeric to options table<BR><BR>should now be able to join all the tables to design the forms and update results table as necessary<BR>

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