Hi,<BR>I am running an update query which works apart from I only want to update records if they have changed.<BR><BR>So if forename and/or surname has changed then update the data and change the modifydate to now(), but if the forename or the surname hasn&#039;t changed then don&#039;t update the record...<BR><BR>so far I have :<BR><BR>UPDATE tblstaff INNER JOIN (tblCourse INNER JOIN tblTrain ON tblCourse.CourseID = tblTrain.CourseID) ON tblstaff.StaffID = tblTrain.StaffID SET tblstaff.ModifyDate = Now(), tblTrain.ModifyDate = Now()<BR>WHERE (((tblstaff.StaffID)=[forms]![tblStaff]![StaffID]));<BR><BR><BR>How can I add the forename, surname part to it ?<BR><BR>Thanx in advance