hello Reader ,<BR><BR>A question on using JScript compilers of ASP.net.<BR>I have my existing web application which <BR>is written in "JScript".<BR><BR>Now the current need is sell this web application <BR>to smaller clients where it will be running<BR>on the Intranet .<BR><BR>We need to convert our code into "exe&#039;s" or "DLL&#039;s"<BR>so as to we can hide our code from the user .<BR><BR>Can i use the ASP.net JScrpt Compiler .<BR>Will this force me to install the .Net Evironment<BR>on the main web server of our Client(Buyer) .<BR><BR>Can i call the dll&#039;s made through the <BR>Jscript compiler through my ".Asp" files or <BR>to use the .net features i need convert my entire <BR>code into ".aspx" extension files .<BR><BR><BR>Kindly reply at "malik@fdsc.net&#039; OR "malik_panc@yahoo.com"<BR><BR>Thank you ,<BR><BR>- Malik.(India.)<BR><BR><BR><BR>