We are developing a product called &#039;SingleSignOn&#039;, for that we have a client software written in Visual Basic, using the Client Software the user can logon to the websites without typing the username and password. This application(Client Software) itself pass the username and password and create a session on the web server. Till now i don&#039;t have any problem. <BR><BR> Before redirecting to the website I have to create a session on the site for the user and then I have to redirect the user to the site with the session id. <BR><BR> To create a session on the target server i am planning to use SOAP(Simple Object Accessing Protocal) to create session. The problem for me is I don&#039;t know how to create the session on the IIS/PWS and redirect the user to the site with the Session ID.<BR><BR> How do I use the Session ID to login to the site(by using URL redirection)? or Is there any easy way to solve this problem?. Can u help me.<BR><BR><BR>Note:-<BR><BR> In the MSN Messanger they have implemented same thing. If we received anymail it will automatically redirect the user to the HOTMAIL or MSN mail site without asking the username and password.<BR><BR>regards<BR><BR>Sakthivel.T<BR><BR >