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    Hi - I have written an asp site which uses alot of sql and its suppoesed to display items with a date greater than todays date. I&#039;m from SA so I have set my date format to dd/mm/yyyy in access + the server&#039;s dates are also set to display dd/mm/yyyy but whenever the day starts with a 0 ie the first ten days of the month, numerous sql tests have revealed that if there&#039;s a one digit day the sql engine treats that as the month so I am getting very erroneous results. How do setup these dates and my sql query to get consistent results.<BR>Thanks

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    What I do to get around that is to always format the date into a non ambiguous one before sending it to the Sql<BR><BR>E.g.<BR><BR>MySql = "Update MyTable SET MyTable.MyDate = #" & FormatDateTime(Date(),1) & "#"<BR><BR>This will evaluate as <BR>Update MyTable SET MyTable.MyDate = #01 August 2001#<BR>Which Access will treat correctly no matter what your server settings are.<BR>

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