Hi there guys,<BR><BR>Here i got a problem using asp page passes parameter to a stored procedure.<BR>it was runned well in IIS 5 of W2k but when it migrate to a NT 4 IIS 4<BR>server with IE 4.01 SP2, there are some errors that cannot recognize the<BR>stored procedure parameter passing. When I tried to create a parameter with<BR>respective data type, it cannot be recognized, anyone can help? Its quite<BR>urgent.<BR>Please email me for source code.<BR><BR>--<BR>Thanks<BR><BR>David Voo<BR>http://communities.msn.com.my/VisualBasicwithNeo<BR><BR>NOTE: This is to as acceptance email addressee only,<BR>if you do not intend to receive this mail or receive this<BR>by error, please inform me on this matter.<BR><BR><BR><BR>