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Thread: Allowing one RS to be used by many pages

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    Is there a way to store a record set or even an array globally (for many different pages/files)?<BR><BR> I am working on a test system. In this I have a TEST table, a QUESTION table, and an ANSWER table. The TEST table stores all question ids for each test . The question table stores all ids for relating answers to the questions. When a user chooses one of the multiple tests, I need a way to store all of the question ids for the selected test, so I know which question and answers to display. ie..if there are twenty questions, I need to know each id so I can retrieve the question’s text and then each answer for every question, without having to requery for all question ids per test each time. I hope that made some sense.<BR><BR>I don’t really want to use cookies or sessions. The session would expire if people started a test and then came back later to finish it. As for cookies, I am just trying to stay away from them.<BR><BR>Can anyone give me any suggestions from experience or any fresh ideas?<BR>

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    Default You could... an array as an Application variable. If you intend to use the same Test over and over and over for many people.<BR><BR>But, really, there isn&#039;t much wrong with re-querying each time. Unless, perhaps, we are talking about something where identically the same text will be administered to tens of thousands of people over a period of a day or two.<BR><BR>

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    The same text probally won&#039;t be used that much, but I am trying to design it to where it could handle them. Can you explain how to make an application variable?

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