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    ok this is one heck of a request but for some reason when I am trying to update SQL it places it in there in a way I havent seen before. I know that is very vauge but I cant really explain it. How about I tell you some details and pray.. =P<BR><BR>All fields update fine... and this gets updated but as stated earlier in enterprise manager you almost have to highlight the cell and you will then see the other half???.. (I know) if you do a select statement in Query Analyzer the first half is in the correct place but the other half looks like it started back down in the next row....<BR>I will put the relevant code...if you want more, ask... if you want to ignore this one, I really understand.<BR><BR>description = Request.Form("description") &#039;The problemed field<BR><BR>&#039; Convert strings to valid SQL strings<BR> description = Replace(description,"&#039;","`")<BR><BR>&#039; Add time/user stamp to description I THINK THIS IS THE PROBLEM<BR> description = "[" & Now() & " - " & unameRS("uname") & "]" & vbNewLine & description<BR><BR>&#039; All data is present<BR>&#039; Write problem into database<BR><BR> WOStr = "INSERT INTO workorders blah blah &#039;nothing special here, this works<BR><BR>The in SQL the datatype of the field is text, the length is 16. (dont think thats a problem either)<BR><BR>Basically what I am trying to do is have a text box update every new entry with a timestamp and userid without erasing the previous entries.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    Hmm<BR><BR>here is the deal. There are line breaks in the field, and that is why in qa it shows with a line break.<BR><BR>why are you using a text field?<BR>I would only do this as a last resort. IMO.<BR><BR>

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    Default yah try memo field <eop>


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    Default but isn't text right?

    I agree that the field type is probably the problem, but (and I&#039;m not very clever at this stuff) isn&#039;t "text" the right kind of field? In access you&#039;d use a memo field. I think perhaps you need to make it larger than 16 length, like maybe 100 times that big.<BR><BR>and maybe use vbcrlf (if that&#039;s not what are already using) as the line break characters.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know. ignore me.

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