Hi, <BR><BR>I am wondering about MDAC 1.0. I use 2.6 of course but one of my isp&#039;s is using IIS 4 with MDAC 1.0. Now, are there two versions of MDAC? Maybe the IIS 4 MDAC latest version is 1.0 which is the same as IIS 5 2.6? Or is there only one MDAC for both that is now up to 2.6? I can&#039;t believe my isp is using such an old version...can this be true? I looked on microsoft&#039;s site and found nothing about a verions for IIS 4 and one for IIS 5...<BR><BR>Anyone know the history of MDAC, I am new to this.<BR><BR>Thank you very much.<BR><BR>Stacy