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    Abbreviated for space and brackets changed:<BR><BR>form1.asp:<BR>{form name=form1 method=post action=form2.asp}<BR>{input type=text name=txtUser}<BR>{input type=text name=txtPwd}<BR>{input type=submit}<BR><BR>form2.asp:<BR>{%<BR> user = Request.Form("txtUser")<BR> pwd = Request.Form("txtPwd")<BR>%}<BR><BR>The Problem:<BR><BR> On a NT4 workstation, SP6a, IE 5.5, connecting to this machine this works fine.<BR><BR> On a NT4 TSE, SP6 , right beside the NT Workstation, this does not work, and when we check the variables user and pwd on form2.asp, they are empty.<BR><BR> So the question is why ?? It obviously is not a server problem as it works on one client, but it is serverside script so it makes little sense.<BR><BR> Important note: This WAS working - they do not know when it stopped working, but they have recently put on ZAK and "some security enhancements"....<BR><BR>Hoping someone has seen this and can help!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Mike.<BR>

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    Hmmm.... this is reaching WAY back in my head, but I seem to remember a problem I encountered when a client of mine put some security *ehem* configurations (whatever THAT meant...) and only the forms that worked where the ones that used "get" instead of "post"... It was like it couldn&#039;t write anything to the header, but anything passed through the URL was okay. I never got the resolution to the issue except that they removed the security changes.

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