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Thread: ASP developer position open.

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    Accentys Systems Guest

    Default ASP developer position open.

    Would you be interested in pursuing an opportunity with a startup company in Charlotte, NC. <BR><BR>We are looking for an individual with strong ASP, COM, MTS, XML, and SQL Server skills.<BR><BR>This is a permanent position, and we will sponsor your H1 visa.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Accentys Systems.<BR>

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    Rajeev Saini Guest

    Default RE: ASP developer position open.

    I&#039;m having 2 year exp. in ASP,VB,COM etc. and working in a reputed company.<BR>I&#039;m getting 2.3 Lacs per annum .<BR><BR>Reply me that How much u can pay,then i&#039;wil think about this<BR><BR>my email id is

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    Derek Muensterman Guest

    Default RE: ASP developer position open.

    I sent you an e-mail.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Derek Muensterman

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    Default You were joking right

    There is a job opening and you will "think about this". Stop being an ***. 2 years is NOTHING and nither is 20000 a month. You are being underpaid.<BR><BR>Get off your high horse and send your resume to the email provided it you actually want a job. Then THEY will think about it.

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    Amit Mhatre Guest

    Default ASP Developer Position

    I am a ASP Developer pursuing a total experience of 8 months in India. mostly I code in ASP & MS SQL server. I you have any positions then contact me at : or at<BR>Waiting for your reply

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    Hardip Guest

    Default RE: ASP developer position open.

    Well i am interested for this opportunity.<BR>I am working as a ASP,MTS,COM,SQL Server Developer in MNC for more than 2 years.<BR>Mail me at with elaborate details.

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