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    HI<BR><BR>Where can I get good information about DCOM? Is MSDN is good enough? If any other place I can get quick information about DCOM, Please let me know. Just I need to execute one component existing on other server through ASP. Just wanted to know how quick I can do it. I don&#039;t know ABCD&#039;S of DCOM. Please give me some help in finding out about DCOM and quick implementation of that. Thanks..HP

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    You don&#039;t have to know much about DCOM for what you want to accomplish. Just use a dummy com object on your server and create an object of the remote component. Make calls to the methods. That should do it. <BR><BR>Anyway, msdn.microsoft.com has good information on DCOM. <BR><BR>Good Lucks<BR>-Ramesh

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