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    I have an ATL com component that contians an interface that represents a rectangle object (s2). I would like to be able to create this object in my global.asa file set the four params that represent the rectangle object and then pass it back to my ATL component through "s1.DoWork(s2)". Here&#039s what I&#039ve tried so far with no avail. When I call the function "s1.DoWork(s2)" that is supose to return the allocated rectangle object It complains s2 is an invalid pointer. What&#039s up!! Both Simple1 and Simple2 are registered on the server.<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBScript" RUNAT="Server"&#062;<BR>sub Application_OnStart <BR> dim s1 set s1 = CreateObject("EnumWinServer.Simple1.1") <BR> set Application("s1") = s1 <BR>end sub <BR> <BR>Sub Session_OnStart <BR> dim s2 set s2 = CreateObject("EnumWinServer.Simple2.1")<BR><BR> s2.left=10<BR> s2.right=20<BR> s2.bottom=20<BR> call Application("s1").DoWork(s2) <BR>End Sub <BR><BR>Any comments would be welcome!!<BR>

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    is ur dll programming properly running and is it properly check it out.since what ever the procrdure u have done is should work.<BR><BR>thanxs.,<BR>chuckie<BR>

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