Hi,<BR> I have generated a chart using owc and asp. Right now, the graph is a line graph where the x axis shows the dates and y axis shows percentage of user hits.<BR><BR>I have added datalabels to each point on the graph and right now, its shows the y value (percentsge hits) associated iwth each point.<BR><BR>I would like to associate values stored in a table in the database, with each point on the graph instead of just numbers.<BR>These values in the table are events associated with each date.<BR><BR>Right now my code which does this part is:<BR><BR>for each owcSeries in owcChart.seriesCollection<BR> owcSeries.setData owc.constants.chDimCategories, 0 , "DateStamp"<BR> owcSeries.setData owc.constants.chDimValues, 0, "NumHits"<BR> set owcLabels = owcSeries.dataLabelsCollection.add<BR> <BR> next <BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Tnx!<BR><BR>Vidya<BR><BR>