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Thread: WINDOWS NT 4.0 and the web

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    Default WINDOWS NT 4.0 and the web

    my computer has windows nt 4.0.everytime i visit a web page with too many graphics or heavily loaded web pages, the computer freezes.i have to reboot even does that when i open hotmail.can anyone tell me whats wrong?.thanks

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    Default Well

    Install more memory?

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    Interferer Guest

    Default What a sh*t answer !

    Memory is nothing to do with it, even if it was, applications shouldn't just hang a machine particulary NT if it runs out. Try upgrading IE to the latest version or applying service packs to NT/IE.

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    Interferer Hater Guest

    Default How was that any better?

    You&#039;re diagnosing a problem without full details? <BR><BR>&#062;&#062;Memory is nothing to do with it, <BR><BR>Memory has nothing to do with applications hanging? Are you really a dumbass? Ever hear of system resources? <BR><BR>Yes, upgrading is the answer... you know that because of the details he gave you. <BR><BR>Obviously, CO give a smart *** answer because the question was so vague. Try not to be an asshole all your life.

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    Default LOL...does that mean

    Interferer can be an "asshole" for most of his life but no all of it??<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: LOL...does that mean

    He&#039;s doing such a good job of being an asshole now... since he&#039;s so accustomed to it, I&#039;d hate to see him lose his only skill. I think it took a lot of practice for him to be as big of an asshole as he is.

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