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    Instead of having a store procedure, I have Oracle guys set up for me from back end this SELECT statement<BR><BR>select adminuser.av_res_check(item_id, start_date, end_date) from dual<BR><BR>How do I put this select statement into a function, to Insert my form values into the database and return a values to start my BRANCHING statement, <BR>if select = "NO" or "VAL" then<BR>response.write "wrong"<BR>response.redirect "form.asp<BR>else<BR>INSERT INTO ADMINUSER.AV_RESERVATION (RESERVATION_ID, INVENTORY_ID, START_DATE, END_DATE, OUID)<BR>VALUES (ADMINUSER.PK, V_INVENTORY_ID, V_START_DATE, V_END_DATE, V_OUID); <BR><BR>How do I make that insert into the ASP ?<BR><BR>Please help!

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    Dear Cathy,<BR><BR>thought you might have learnt yesterday, stop, read over yesterdays answers you were given about asking questions.<BR><BR>The answer to todays question is use ADO! Don&#039;t want to be hard on you so have a look at this site, use the search, there will be answers.

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    Thank you! I will look on the site!

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