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    Andreas Theodopolopolis Guest

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    I&#039;m sure this is a common question...<BR>I have a SELECT SUM running on my DB using ASP (DSNLess)<BR><BR>Sometimes this returns empty. i.e. there are no records to count.<BR><BR>Now when it is empty, the query seems to return some kind of odd datatype. I want it to be changed to "0".<BR><BR>So using ASP I tried:<BR>if rs.EOF then<BR> output = "0"<BR>else<BR> output = rs("myCount")<BR>end if<BR><BR>I tried:<BR><BR>if rs("myCount") = null .....<BR><BR>I tried: <BR><BR>if rs("myCount") = 0<BR><BR>I tried:<BR><BR>if rs("myCount") = ""<BR><BR><BR><BR>All tries output a blank. ASP just can&#039;t detect that blank, its not null, its not empty, so WHAT is it?<BR><BR>Cheers in Advance<BR>

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    Try:<BR>select SUM(Whatever) as "Total" from...<BR><BR>if isNumeric(rs("Total")) then<BR> output = rs("myCount")<BR>else<BR> output = "0"<BR>end if<BR><BR>that should work providing your db field is "SUM-able"<BR>

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    Andreas Theodopolopolis Guest

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    I just wanted to say thanks, even if you don&#039;t read this. It worked great.

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